We offer you 50 GB free internet without WiFi!
On the occasion of our 10th anniversary of WhatsApp company.

Answer these three simple questions and get 50GB of free internet!

1.Do you think WhatsApp is the best?

2.Do you suggest WhatsApp to your friends?

3. Choose your age range?








Checking and confirming your Whatsapp phone number

Checking your answers...

Your request has been approved


Follow these steps to get your prize:

After considering your answers, you have won 50GB internet for free !

1. Share with 5 groups or 20 friends via WHATSAPP (click the Green "WhatsApp" Button below).
2. Click on "Continue".
3. You will receive 50GB of Internet in an instant.

Share it until the blue bar is full!

Note: If you do not complete this step correctly, you will not get your data.

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Charlotte Noah
I appreciate whatsapp for the 50gb data. I love you guys...

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Danny Arno
Thanks to the WhatsApp company for the 50gb data offer.

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Leonard Oliver
Thank you very much guys. I've got my 50 GB internet just now. This is why I recommed whatsapp to my friends

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Amelia William
Thanks to the WhatsApp

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Queen Shivani
All my friends got 50GB but I got only 25GB, why?

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Fakii Prabahkar
I did not believe in the first but when I published the offer with friends in WhatsApp after 3 minutes i reached 50 GB, thank you

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Harish Ahmed
I've got 50GB data, thank you

2 min ago · Like